About me

My name is Patrick Bormans, and I graduated as a physiotherapist in 1990. After receiving my diploma, I joined the obligatory military service. During the service, I practiced my profession as a physiotherapist and treated a lot of acute traumas.

After the service, I found a job in Germany where I still work one day a week. After completing my education, I attended several courses which made it possible for me to expand my knowledge and skills. Through Manual Therapy I gained a lot of knowledge and experience in treating spine and joints issues. Through the completion of a traditional Tape Course, the Medical Taping Concept, and 20 years of supporting a soccer team, I gained a lot of experience in treating sports injuries.

I consider myself a Personal Coach. Physiotherapy is not just a matter of treating patients; it is also about advising patients involving their complaints and supporting them with their recovery, reintegration in their daily activities, work, and sports.

I strongly believe in one-on-one physiotherapy where the therapist, together with the patient, makes a therapy plan, provides exercises, and discuss about the healing process. Giving advice about ergonomics in your work spot, is an extra option that I can offer.